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Quality Policy


To increase performance and improve efficiency within our organisation to guarantee satisfaction for all parties involved;

To take legal, economic and social responsibility;

To work with enthusiasm and commitment in order to be a reference in the civil engineering and public works sector, striving always to work with quality and ethics;



Our business is carried out to ensure the satisfaction of our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, banks, councils, state, etc.)

To be recognised as a reference in the civil engineering and public work industry in the district of Viseu. The satisfaction of our customers, employees, stockholders, suppliers and public in general is one of the key factors in our business.



Analyse and consider suggestions from people who wish to contribute to the company;

Treat people and the environment with respect;

Create an atmosphere at the company which favours performance among its staff, guaranteeing an excellent working environment;

Stimulate continuous improvement in processes by encouraging personal and professional development;

Keep the company profitable, as this is the only way to create well-being and a healthy relationship with the environment and the community;

Conduct business ethically;

Always give excellent service to customers;



The Organisation Policy for the EMBEIRAL group is based on satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers and, at the same time, responding to its financial and social commitments.

EMBEIRAL’s management recognises that keeping a prime position in the market must involve:

  • Satisfying customers’ needs, namely conformity, meeting deadlines and prices, and meeting legal regulations and rules applicable;
  • Promoting motivation and participation of the whole team in the company, stimulating initiative, teamwork, training and excellent technical skills;
  • Taking on a commitment to Quality, introducing improvements in internal processes and the selection of suppliers and service providers;
  • Carrying out all activities safely and responsibly, respecting and ensuring staff health and safety, and protecting buildings and equipment;
  • Promoting training and information related to the inherent risks of work in the sector, ensuring personal safety and the safety of others in the workplace;
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with the legislation, rules and regulations applicable to Health and Safety sector;


In order to achieve this, we rely on participation from all our staff, at all levels of the company, respecting relevant methods and rules and proposing improvements in order to constantly improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.


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