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Embeiral was founded on 9 October 1984 as a private limited company, with headquarters in Travanca de Bodiosa. Its objective was to build roads, from earthworks to road surfacing.


In 1990 it began to carry out basic sanitation projects, thanks to market demands within the Public Works sector.


In 2000, it became a public limited company, and began working with Civil Engineering. Since then, it has performed a variety of services, from earthwork, surfaces, water supply and sewers to Civil Engineering.


The Institute of Construction and Real Estate (a public institute, known as InCl, I.P.) is the regulatory authority for the construction and real estate sector. Embeiral has been registered with the InCI since 25 July 1985 with building permit number 2170.


Throughout EMBEIRAL’s history, we have stayed up to date with technological advances, to maintain and enrich our equipment and facilities.


EMBEIRAL’s young but experienced, dynamic and entrepreneurial team is enriched and enhanced by its qualified and experienced Directors. The team, together with the services we have provided over the years, prove the reliability of the company.


The company has had its Quality Management System, based on the regulations ISO EN NP 9001:2008, certified since 2005. This certification has been widened to include “Execution of Civil Engineering Projects and Public Works, Sale of Aggregates, Ready-Mixed Concrete and Bituminous Mixtures”, with certificate number 2005/CEP.2636/1, issued by the Portuguese Certification Association (APCER).